Aspen Mountain Doodles

 Finding the perfect puppy is overwhelming. Every part of the process feels like uncharted territory. How do you pick a good breeder? How do you know the pup you pick is the right fit for your family? What sets one breeding program apart from another? Honesty. Authenticity. Passion. Dedication. Communication.

Here at AMD we are passionate about matching each family with a puppy who’s temperament fits their needs. We follow the Badass Breeders puppy curriculum, developed by Jeanette Forrey of 4eKennels.  The BAB way takes the pups through weeks of hands on curriculum. We introduce them to new environments, obstacles, noises, stimulation, and handling including ESI and ENS.

Our goal is to empower our pups to overcome their challenges and to empower families to understand the most effective way to approach their dog’s disposition. We encourage families to continue socialization after puppy vaccinations are completed. One great way to find local dog friendly places is the Bring Fido App. We also enjoy taking them to pet friendly stores like Lowes, Cabela’s, & Tractor Supply.

We make educating our puppy families a priority and are committed to give our AMD Pack families and their pups life long support!

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We raise Aussiedoodles, Aussie Mtn Doodles,  & Aussie Mtn Dogs.

About Us

We are an active family of 4 that enjoy the outdoors. From hiking, kayaking, & beach trips to local dog friendly places, we love taking our AMD Pack on our adventures with us. We value real, authentic conversation and teaching our girls about the balance of hard work and enjoying God’s creation. Thank you for choosing to be apart of our vision for creating a tribe of dog lovers that is positive, supportive, and genuine. 



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